E002 – Pills, Paddleboards, Prosthetics, and Police Dogs

In Episode 2 of Florida Men: The Podcast, Heroin might make you sleepy, but you can still throw a punch…”Half a million dollars in child support? I’m just gonna paddle off into the sunset”, a Florida Woman takes a Southwest Airlines flight to Belize but comes up a foot short, and just how bad do you smell if the police dog can find you submerged in a swamp?

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Constantine George Theoharis
  • Margaret Crawford
  • Paul Daniel Smith

News Sources:

Florida Man Revived with Narcan, punches cop in the face

Florida man who owed $549,000 in child support disappears on paddleboard

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Florida Woman says Southwest lost her mom’s prosthetic foot for weeks

Florida man hides in swamp after a high-speed police chase.

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