E019.5 – Clips Chapter: Clown, Cheez-its, Crackpipe, and Capuchin

We are changing up our release schedule this week, so to hold you over through the weekend we are bringing back these stories you may have missed the first time.

News Sources:

From Episode 004:
Florida man wearing clown mask attacks pizza guy and is shot to death

From Episode 005:
Florida man arrested on child abuse charge after victim ate ‘all the Cheez-Its’

From Episode 014:
Florida Woman arrested at Walmart, then hid a crack pipe and drugs in her vagina

From Episode 006:
Florida man trying to flee arrested with monkey in diaper clutching his shirt

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E019 – Axe, Coke, Skull, and Algae

In Episode 19 of Florida Men: The Podcast, a Florida Woman does not take a breakup very well, a Florida Woman is a real cokehead, a Florida Man recites hamlet in a Publix parking lot, and a Florida Man splits then swallows.

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Jeanette Suarez
  • Rose Mae Dawson
  • Abraham Duarte

News Sources:

Florida Woman Swings an Ax at Girlfriend Trying to Break Up With Her https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/florida-keys/article217865260.html

Florida Woman Has Pot in Her Car and Cocaine in Her Wig http://thesmokinggun.com/buster/burglary/literal-cokehead-collared-375902

Florida Man Finds Body In Woods, Brings Skull to Publix, And Talks to It

Florida Man Gets Caught in Algae-Filled Canal While Escaping Cops

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E018 – Purple Nurple, Wet Willy, Swirly, and Flart

In Episode 18 of Florida Men: The Podcast, a Florida Man pays for a purple nurple, a Florida Man learns which of his girlfriend’s holes is off limits, a Florida Woman comes under fire for her parenting techniques, and a Florida Man is fired for his artistic expression.

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Devarus Robinson
  • Joseph Sirecky
  • Kaitlyn Wolf
  • Paul Flart

News Sources:

Florida Man Sued for Giving Student a “Purple Nurple”

Florida Man Arrested for Giving Girlfriend a “Wet Willy”

Florida Woman Investigated for Giving Son a “Swirly”

Florida Man Fired for Farting On the Job (and Posting Videos of it on Instagram)

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E017 – Fire, Water, Burn, and Dealing

In Episode 17 of Florida Men: The Podcast, a Florida Man burns his trash panda, a Florida Woman’s bath is interrupted by a reptile, Another Florida Woman says, “We don’t need no water let the motherfucker burn”, a drive thru window leads to a drug dealing couple.

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Ezra Lee James
  • Felicitie Gillette
  • Brandy Currigan
  • William Parrish Jr.
  • McKenzee Dobbs

News Sources

Florida Man Accused of Setting Raccoon on Fire

Florida Woman Attacked by An Alligator While Taking A Bath

Florida Woman Sets Fire to House After Leaving Her Husband

Florida Couple Sold Drugs From a Drive Thru Window…In Their House

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