E046 – M@$turbator, Credit Thief, Egg Roller, and Temper Tantrum

In Episode 46 of Florida Men: The Podcast, Florida Woman got excited by a man in uniform, Florida Man used a stolen credit card, but wanted his rewards points too, Florida Man went to extremes for some Chinese food, and Florida Woman throws a temper tantrum so she won’t have to sit next to a 3-year-old.

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News Sources:

Florida Woman Accused of Shoplifting and Masturbating On the Way to Jail

Florida Woman Throws Pizza Slices at Pizzaria Owner

Florida Man Uses Stolen Credit Card At Store Where He Had Submitted Job Application

Florida Man Shoved Woman Because He Wanted to Eat Egg Rolls In Her House

Florida Woman Kicked Off JetBlue Flight After Profanity- Laced Tirade

Florida Men Regional Championship Brackets (No Spoilers):

Florida Men Regional Championship Brackets (With Results):

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