E048 – Olive Garden, Progresso Soup, Cat Lady, and Macaque

In Episode 48 of Florida Men: The Podcast, Florida Man loves him some Olive Garden, Florida Man takes a golf cart out for a drunken spin, Florida Woman’s hairy roommate gets confiscated, and a Florida Woman is a Crazy Cat Lady

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This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Ben Padgett
  • Dean Hooks
  • Ruth Gordon
  • Antonio Harper
  • Karolyn Rico-Ospina
  • Lisa Saunders
  • Michael Casey Lewis

News Sources:

Florida Man Arrested After Shoveling Spaghetti In His Mouth While Drunk, Shirtless At Olive Garden

Florida Man Caught Driving Drunk with 5 Bottles of Fireball in Golf Cart

Florida Woman Gets Macaque Taken Away

Florida Woman Uses Can Of Soup To Scare Off Carjacker

Florida Woman Threatens Boyfriend’s Ex With Violence Via Social Media

Florida Woman Pulls Gun to Defend Her Right To Feed Stray Cats

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