E061 – Bedpost Baseball, Bike Bonfire, Boulevard BJ, and Burger Boy Bathtime

In Episode 61 of Florida Men: The Podcast, Florida Man has no idea why officers would pull him over for crashing during a 140-mph chase, Florida Woman beats her wife with a bedpost for washing the weed without using the “delicates” cycle, Florida Man burns a bike bought by his boo’s brand new boyfriend, and a Florida Man gets “distracted” by his passenger while driving.

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Scott Patrick Sorenson
  • Ashley Perkins
  • David Leroy Knutson
  • Belinda Ahwach
  • Alicia Hodge
  • Linda Sue Morgan
  • Rhonda Koppenhoefer

News Sources:

Florida Man Caught In Police Chase After 140 mph Crash Is Baffled When Pulled Over And Arrested For Drunk Driving

Louisiana Woman In Florida Allegedly Beat Her Wife With Bedpost Over Missing Marijuana  

Florida Man Accused Of Torching Love Rival’s Harley

Florida Dairy Queen Employees Brawl Over Mistreatment By Manager

Florida Woman Arrested For Calling 911 Because Car Was Leaking Oil On Her Driveway

Florida Man Runs Red Light While Receiving Sex Act From Florida Woman

Florida Man Takes Bath In Kitchen Sink At Wendy’s On Viral Video

Patreon Exclusive Story: Florida Man Bitten by Python Lurking in the Toilet

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