E065 – Chicken Coop, Circle K-P, Alexa Assassin, and Gym Jerk

In Episode 65 of Florida Men: The Podcast, Florida Man shows New York what Florida Man is all about, up close and personal, Florida Man makes a pit stop at a convenience store, Florida Man is Siri-ous about hating his wife’s friend, Alexa, and Florida Man passes the ketchup to his girlfriend.

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • John Mehne
  • John Toddy
  • Peter Wagman
  • Terrance J. Peterson
  • Arthur L. Disbrow
  • Natasha Ethel Bagley
  • Genesis Peguero

News Sources:

Naked Florida Man Who Crashed A Stolen Car Then Evaded Chasing Police Found In Chicken Coop After Killing Family Dog

Naked Florida Man Arrested After Urinating On Convenience Store Doors

Florida Man Disrupts Restaurant, Tells Officers ‘go To Dunkin’ Donuts’

Florida Man Arrested For Covering Sleeping Girlfriend In Ketchup

Florida Woman Calls Cops On Her Husband After He Shot Her Amazon Alexa

Florida Man Says Woman At Gym ‘Liked It’ When He Masturbated

Florida Man Tries Blowtorch To Open ATM, Welds It Shut Instead

Patreon Exclusive Story:
Woman Arrested For Assaulting Burger King Manager When Request For Free Fries Was Denied

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July 13, 2019
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