E067 – Bathtime Battery, McDonald’s Magic Mike, Turtle Trampler, and Floaty F–ker

In Episode 67 of Florida Men: The Podcast, Florida Man wants his roommate to be stinky, Florida Man tries to cash in on this whole “tiny house” craze, Florida Man shows some McDonald’s customers his McNuggets, and we get additional details straight from a Florida Man who’s not going to be seeing his girlfriend any time soon.

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Tyler Sweeney
  • Katie Lee Pitchford
  • Kerville Holness
  • Antoine Rutherford
  • Byron Christianoudis
  • Shonta Bolds
  • John F. Morgan
  • Yaqun Lo
  • Christopher William Monnin

News Sources:

Florida Man Whose Girlfriend Squeezed His Privates Until They Bled Says He Still Loves Her

Florida Man Thought He Bought A Villa, Actually Paid Thousands For 100-by-1 Foot Strip Of Land

Florida Man Attacked Landlord For Accusing Him Of Taking Too Many Showers

Florida Woman Charged With Assault After Admitting To Throwing Coconut At Man Outside Strip Club

Florida Man Dances Naked at McDonald’s. Customers Weren’t Loving It

Woman Arrested For Disturbing Sea Turtle Nest On Miami Beach
Smug Mugshots

Florida Man Accused Of Stealing Pool Floats Says He Did It For Sexual Gratification

Patreon Exclusive Story: Woman Loses Job When Her Phone Number Is Listed As Amazon Distribution Center Online

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