E081 – Thumb Taster, Window Waster, Door Buster, and Macaroni Mauler

In Episode 81 of Florida Men: The Podcast, Florida Man becomes a food critic, he gives a thumbs up to Cinnabon, a thumbs down to Mac & Cheese, and alligators call Florida Man: The Other White Meat.

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Laurie Ann Caluwaert
  • Yesenia Casiano
  • Kimberly Jean Carroll
  • George Stubbs
  • Dustin Riley Tyrrell
  • Dale Lawrence Irwin

News Sources:

Florida Woman Busted For Using Hotel Pool, Trying To Charge Drinks To Fake Room Number

The Breakers Pool on Google Maps

Florida Man is the Alligator’s Favorite Flavor of Human

Florida Woman Bit Off Her Boyfriend’s Appendage

Florida Woman Busted Over Meat And Potatoes Beef

Florida Man Hit His Girlfriend With A Door During Argument Over A Video Game

Florida Man Throws Rock Through Wendy’s Window Because He Wanted Cinnabons

Florida Man Choked His Adult Daughter for Making Mac & Cheese

Patreon Exclusive Story: Florida Woman Stopped A Man From Ending His Own Life By Reciting Linkin Park Lyrics

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