E089 – Castration Catastrophe, Flushing Failure, Meth Baseball, and Stone Cold Stunner

In Episode 89 of Florida Men: The Official Podcast of Florida Man, Florida Man is surprised when his motel room castration goes badly, another Florida Man is attacked with a machete for his shitty behavior, Florida Woman double fists some brewskis and gets ready to rumble, and yet another Florida Man hides drugs in the most obvious, but least desirable place to stash them.


Bad In The Boondocks
Southwest Florida True Crime Fans Meetup: Sunday September 15th

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Gary Van Ryswyk
  • Keith Mounts
  • Leslee Floyd Cox
  • Sherman Lee Brown
  • Chastity Bodnar
  • Coty Lee Havens
  • Vincent “Vinnie” Paulos Garcia
  • Richard Renney
  • Benny Barnes

News Sources:

Botched Castration During Dark Web Meet-up Leads To Florida Man’s Arrest

Florida Man Threatened To ‘Chop’ House Guest With Machete For Not Flushing Toilet

Florida Man Claiming To Be God Arrested After Touching People, Fighting With Police, Being Tased

Florida Man Hits Mcdonald’s Drive-thru Worker For Taking Too Long To Get His Food

Male Victim Says Florida Woman Crushed Two Beers, Proceeded To “Stone Cold Steve Austin My Ass”

Barefoot Florida Man Gets Tangled In Drapes During Burglary

Florida Man Who Hid Heroin Where Nobody Wants To Find It Is Sentenced

Patreon Exclusive Story: Florida Company Has A Used Airplane For Sale: A “Fully Functioning” F-16 Fighter Jet

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