E095 – “Florida Man” Author Mike Baron PLUS Instagram Instigator, Felony Purse, and Trillion Dollar Baby

In Episode 95 of Florida Men: The Official Podcast of Florida Man, Joel and Phil interview author Mike Baron about his new book “Florida Man”, Florida Woman has a special name for the place she hides her drugs…and this time it’s not her hooha, Florida Woman has over 300 Instagram accounts specifically for stalking her ex-coworkers, Florida man wants to be a samurai but looks more like a sumo, and Florida Man claims the president owes him $1 trillion.

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Jacqueline Hubbard
  • Tammy Marie Steffen
  • Justin James Wilson
  • Katie Jade Gates
  • Eric Lee Kincaid
  • Diana Louise Stokes
  • William Mendenhall
  • Dylan Hoyt
  • IV Leo Little

More from Mike Baron:

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Podcast Promo:

Strange Little Worlds

News Sources:

Florida Woman Arrested After Telling Officer About Her “Felony Purse”

Florida Woman Made Over 350 Instagram Accounts To Threaten & Harass Former Colleagues

Homeless Florida Man Smashes 20 Cars At Beachfront Hotel, Says Trump Owes Him $1 Trillion

Florida Woman Charged For Domestic Tomato Assault

Minivan Driver Led Florida Keys Police On A 44-mile Chase Down The Overseas Highway

A Florida Man Called ‘Fat Boy’ Threatened To Attack A Pregnant Woman With A Sword

Florida Man Breaks Into House He Used To Live In Because He Felt At Home

Patreon Exclusive Story: Florida Man Filmed Part Of Rap Video Inside Police Station

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