101 – Family Feud, Bobcat Believer, Clueless Caper, and Drive-thru Danger

In Episode 101 of Florida Men: The Official Podcast of Florida Man, Florida Man beats up his mother when she doesn’t approve of his groceries, Florida Woman gets a lesson in zoology, Florida Woman needs an adjustment after a car accident that she caused, and Florida Man helps us add to our drunkenness scale.


Broken Children Project

Boca Magazine: Five Great Florida Podcasts to Add to Your List

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Melanie Hancox
  • Jill Ann Stahon
  • Adam Joseph Zirakian
  • Gumersindo Reyes Jr.
  • Stacey Dash
  • Thomas Fucarile
  • Lavoris Grisby

News Sources:

‘Severely Inebriated’ Florida Woman Found Standing in McDonalds Drive-thru With Toddler

Elderly Florida Woman Attacked By Raccoon That Was Not A Bobcat

Florida Woman Stops For Massage After Hit-and-Run

18-Year-Old Florida Man Behind Bars After Attacking Mom In Grocery Store Over Food Items

Florida Man Calls 911 to Report Roommate Stealing $20 Worth of His Marijuana

Florida Man Disguises Himself As A Woman To Rob Bank, Steals Police Car

‘Clueless’ Florida Woman Accused Of Domestic Battery

Patreon Exclusive Story: Two Florida Men Accused Of Illegally Dumping Human Waste

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