105 – Frozen F#cker, Swindling Stripper, Naked Pirate, and Teacher Tweaker

In Episode 105 of Florida Men: The Official Podcast of Florida Man, Florida Man swipes the stars and stripes when what he needed was a shirt and shorts,Florida Woman takes foodborne parasites seriously, Florida Woman makes trouble at Joel’s local 7-11, and Florida Man double-stuffs a snowman.

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Joseph Sinawa
  • Guy Raynak
  • Some Naked Dude
  • Jesseca Danielle Hardy
  • Jeri Lentscher
  • Cody Christopher Meader
  • Chalsey O’Brien

News Sources:

Florida Man Ordered To Pay Child Support Even Though DNA Test Proves He Is Not The Father

Florida Man Smokes Meth, Snorts Coke, Takes Xanax, Passes Out, Wakes Up And Masturbates In Hospital, Cops Say

Naked Florida Man Boards Docked Yachts, Steals American Flag

Florida Woman Hits Man With Hammer After Fight Over Porkchops

Florida Woman Arrested After Bringing A Tree Into a 7-Eleven

Florida Man Had Sex With An Olaf Stuffed Toy At Target

Florida Stripper Accused of Swindling Elderly Man for $50,000

Patreon Exclusive Story: Is Camp David in Hobe Sound?

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