115 – Public Sex (Partnered and Solo), Bungled Burglary, and Filthy Frosting

In Episode 115 of Florida Men: The Official Podcast of Florida Man, Florida Man breaks into a school and makes a real mess of things, Florida Man punches a guy who broke into his house, Florida Man punches a guy who stopped him from pleasuring himself, and Florida Man is arrested by a guy who stopped someone else from pleasuring him.

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Susan Roscillo
  • Robert Kellogg
  • Kerry Dewayne Vandergriff
  • Mark Katsnelson
  • Christian Dominic Shay
  • Samuel Lewis
  • Chhaa Behary
  • Michael Simpson

News Sources:

Florida Man Stuffs His Girlfriend’s Turkey on Thanksgiving. In Public

Florida Man in Parking Lot Punches Elderly Man Who Told Him To Stop Masturbating

Florida Man Fights Back Against Intruder, Who Then Had To Be Hospitalized

Nearly Naked Florida Man Accused Of Spreading Feces During School Break-in

Florida Man Facing Charges After Hiding Multiple Drugs Under His Scrotum

Florida Family’s Thanksgiving Dinner Interrupted By An Uninvited Guest

Florida Man Has Saved 864 Lives After Donating 100 Gallons Of Blood Over 43 Years

Patreon Exclusive Story: Florida Man Steals Fire Truck — Then Nearly Sets Himself On Fire

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The Ballad of Florida Man was written and performed by The Florida Men and is used with permission.

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