117 – AK Killer, Pregnant Poly, Hitman Hirer, and Baby Bouncer

In Episode 117 of Florida Men: The Official Podcast of Florida Man, Florida Man learns you can’t trust a jailhouse hitman to feed your victim to the gators, Florida Woman gets a surprise gift at a baby shower, Florida Woman is going to have a baby shower with her 4 boyfriends, and Florida Man will fall for anything, but especially the cops.


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This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Tory Ojeda
  • Jessie Webb
  • Patrick Shurod Campbell
  • Pedro Rodriguez
  • Gary Bangstad
  • Not Evel Kneivel

News Sources:

Florida Man Takes Out AK47 Wielding Robber

Florida Woman Bought A Baby Bouncer from Goodwill, But Something Else Was In The Box

Polyamorous Florida Woman with Four Boyfriends is Pregnant

Florida Man Stole Golf Cart Because People Were Eating His Brains

A Florida Man Who Bit His Dog To ‘Establish Dominance‘ Over The Animal Avoids Jail Time

Florida Man Falls From Roof During Robbery

Florida Man Attempted to Hire an Inmate to Kill Four People and Feed Them to Pigs or Alligators

Patreon Exclusive Story: Florida Man Launches Car into Dealership

All The Social Thingys:

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