129 – Reality Television Producer Tom Cunningham, Sovereign Scammer, Instagram Instigator, Drenched Dealer, and MMA DUI

In Episode 129 of Florida Men: The Official Podcast of Florida Man, reality TV producer Tom Cunningham joins Phil & Joel to recall his run-ins with Florida Man during his time on COPS, Florida Man discovers its not a good hiding place if you have to keep coming up for air, Florida Man discovers its not a good hiding place if you livestream your whereabouts, Florida Woman tries to leave the scene of multiple crashes she caused, and Florida Man tries to bribe his way out of a DUI charge.

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This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Danielle Takeila Edmonson
  • Kenneth Roger Edmonson
  • Susan Blair Case
  • Kevin Gaines Jr.
  • Juan Gomez Gaitan
  • Leroy King
  • Calen Holcomb
  • Daniel Christopher Booth
  • Irma Acosta Arya

News Sources:

Florida Man Received $3.4 Million in Tax Refunds Before the IRS Realized It Was A Bogus Claim

Florida Woman Arrested After Fleeing Multiple Crashes With A Train

Wanted Florida Man Arrested After Deputies Found Him Livestreaming On Instagram

Florida Man With Spilled Beer In Truck Told Troopers “I Don’t Drink”

Florida School Resource Officer Arrested After He Pawned His Gun

Florida Man Facing DUI Arrest Offers Deputies Free MMA Classes If They Let Him Go

Florida Man Tried To Evade Police By Hiding Underwater Until He Had To Breathe

Patreon Exclusive Story: Follow-Up: Florida Woman Fined For Feeding Vultures, Gators Behind Her House

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