162 – Wild Dogs, Dead Birds, and Animatronic Rats

162 – Wild Dogs, Dead Birds, and Animatronic Rats

In Episode 162 of Florida Men: The Official Podcast of Florida Man, Florida Woman was attacked by a pack of wild dogs, but that wasn’t the deadliest thing that happened to her, Florida Man likes pet birds almost as much as Joel does, Florida Woman proves Joel’s theory about bad pizza still being good TOTALLY WRONG, and Florida Man is running around naked again. Or still. Who the hell can tell?

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Isaiah Velez
  • Jackie Ronco
  • Debbie Beaulieu
  • Charles Entertainment Cheese
  • Zacharie Nelson
  • Thomas Morgan
  • Patricia Lowe
  • Michael Torres

News Sources:

Naked Florida Man Bites Elderly Neighbor’s Ear, Tries To Stab Him With Broken Glass

Florida Woman Scammed $180K Out of Elderly Woman Who Thought The Scammer Was Psychic

Florida Woman Mauled By Pack Of Dogs, Then Contracts Coronavirus In Rehab

Florida Woman Orders Pizza from “Pasqually’s” on GrubHub, Receives “Pizza” From Chuck E. Cheese

Florida Man Hit His Girlfriend When She Suggested They Go To A Swingers Club

Florida Man Shoots And Kills Pet Bird… Perched On His Sister’s Shoulder

Florida Woman Arrested For Battery After Grabbing Deputy’s Genitals

Patreon Exclusive Story: Florida Treasure Hunter Says He Was Tricked By Con Man Claiming To Be A War Hero Scientist

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