SWFL True Crime Fans Meetup

Florida Men and Paradise After Dark podcasts are hosting the first SWFL True Crime Fans Meetup on Sunday, September 15, 2019 at 4:00 PM.

Calling all true crime fans, armchair detectives, sideline sleuths and crime junkies in SWFL! Let’s get together, have some drinks and talk true crime!

The event takes place at Pelican Larry’s on Immokalee Rd. in Naples, located at 8855 Immokalee Rd Unit 13, Naples, Florida 34120

For more information, visit our Facebook Event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/475792676574097/

E051 – Live from Daytona Beach – Sh*tter, Shooter, Puncher and Stabber

In Episode 51 of Florida Men: The Podcast, Florida Man has a new cure for constipation, a Florida Man takes it out on his car, and a Florida Couple has issues breaking up.

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:
    • Dan Johnson
    • Kristy Lynn Phillips
    • Philip Marshall Kern
News Sources:

Florida Man Stabbed Nephew For Taking Too Long In Bathroom

Florida Woman Drove into Oncoming Traffic to Shoot Her Husband

Florida Man Arrested For Punching Windshields

Naked, Knife-Wielding Suspect Plows Into Palmdale Carl’s Jr. Before Being Shot Dead By McDonald’s Guard

We will be at the True Crime Podcast Festival
July 13, 2019
Marriott Magnificent Mile, Downtown Chicago, IL, USA

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E032 – Three Grumpy Grinches, Two Pervy Santas, and a Snowbird in a Palm Tree

Merry Christmas! While we spend the day at the beach (that’s what the rest of the country does on Xmas day, right?) you can enjoy these Florida Man stories with some holiday cheer.

In Episode 32 of Florida Men: The Podcast, Santa’s helper gets a shiny new set of bracelets, A Florida grinch tries to swipe some decorations, Santa takes a trip to the drug store naked, and a couple of Florida kids who got coal in their stockings grow up to ruin it for the next generation. Recorded before a live audience at Caloosahatchee Jack’s in Fort Myers, Florida on December 9th, 2018.

This week, we included extra content that can usually only be heard by our patrons. Go to http://patreon.com/FloridaMen to subscribe and get the exclusive patron-only content in the future!

News Sources:

Florida Man strolled through South Beach Walgreens wearing only a santa hat and boots

Florida Man caught on camera trying to steal Christmas inflatables

Florida Man arrested trying to play Santa

Florida Woman Forced to Take Down ‘Bah, humbug’ display

Florida man screams ‘Santa isn’t real’ at Christmas Festival

Florida woman, fighting to keep painting of Virgin Mary on mobile home

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E015 – LIVE: Dump, Cattle, Politics, and Blackout

In Episode 15 of Florida Men: The Podcast, a Florida man takes an oily dump, a Florida woman gets corralled by cattle, a political argument gets heated, and our favorite gator wrangler is back for more. This episode was recorded live at Caloosahatchee Jack’s in Fort Myers, Florida, on Sunday, August 19, 2018.

News Sources:

Florida Man Illegally Dumped 10,000 Gallons of Used Cooking Oil

Florida Woman Fleeing Police Gets Corralled By Cows

Florida Man shot in buttocks over online political argument

Florida man can’t remember carrying an alligator into a liquor store

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