E059 – General Lee, Ta-Ta Tablets, Comedy C-ckblocker, and Costume Crook

In Episode 59 of Florida Men: The Podcast, two Florida Men lead police on high speed chases, one in a patrol car and the other in the General Lee, Florida Woman finds yet another place to hide drugs on her person, Florida Man goes to a comedy club but can’t take a joke, and a Florida Man steals from the happiest place on Earth.

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:
  • Oswald Pereira
  • Rachel Newbury
  • Shane Jensen
  • Kyle Jamison Jones
  • Ken Freeman
  • Patrick Allen Spikes
  • Issac Woodard
News Sources:

Florida Man Torched Ex-wife’s House Before Fleeing In Replica of General Lee

Florida Woman  Brought Drugs Into Jail Between Her Breasts Because She “Forgot They Were There”

Shirtless Florida Man Leads Troopers On 149 MPH Chase In Stolen FHP Cruiser

Florida Man Slaps Girlfriend’s Face With Cheeseburger

Florida Man Calls 911 After ‘Middle Eastern’ Comment Made at Comedy Show

Florida Man Man Threatens To Behead 6 Police Officers, Eat Their Eyes And Tongues

Florida Man Arrested for Stealing $14K in Costumes from Disney World

Bears ransack and destroy a family’s SUV in Golden Gate Estates

Patreon Exclusive Story: Florida Man Gives Himself A Makeover to Escape From Cops

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E033 – Burger John, McWeed, Alien Archer, and Cannibal

In Episode 33 of Florida Men: The Podcast, a Florida Man seeks alternate payment arrangements with a sex worker, another Florida Man seeks alternate payment arrangements at McDonald’s, a naked Florida Man hiding from aliens takes a bullet, and a Florida Cannibal breaks into his neighbor’s house and refuses to leave.

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News Sources:

Florida man offered to pay for oral sex from undercover officer with hamburger

Florida man tries to trade pot for munchies at McDonald’s drive-thru

Naked Florida man armed with crossbow claimed aliens were after him

Florida man breaks into neighbor’s home while his is on fire

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