E069 – Meth Muncher, Casino Crook, Concert Crasher, and Brazen Biker

In Episode 69 of Florida Men: The Podcast, Florida Man has a crack snack while running from cops, Florida Woman gets methed up at both ends, Florida Woman finds out why what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, and a Florida Man stealing a scooter asks the wrong person for help.

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:
  • Fabricio Tueros
  • Mark Edward Welch
  • Elvia Estrada
  • Catherine Allford
  • Raymond Millwater
News Sources:

Florida Man Tells Cops, The Cocaine You See On My Nose Is Not My Cocaine

Florida Man Swallows 20 Rocks Of Crack, Leads Cops On Chase From Miami To Upper Keys

Florida Woman Swallows Meth During Traffic Stop, Then Had A Heart Attack

Florida Man Took Cocaine And Ate Puffer Fish Liver, Ended Up In ICU

Florida Woman Accused Of Operating Casino In Her Garage

Florida Woman Drove Car Into Concert Crowd, Then Bundles Of Cash Fell From Under Her Dress As Deputies Closed In

Florida Man Asked Cops For Help Starting Motorcycle He’d Stolen

Patreon Exclusive Story: Stowaway Snake Slithers Out Of Man’s Backpack On Trip To Hawaii From Florida

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E028 – Pipe Bombs, Meth Granny, Break-in, and Miniature Horse

In Episode 28 of Florida Men: The Podcast, a gang of drug trafficking white supremacists is busted with 100 illegal guns and pipe bombs, a Florida woman suspects that meth might be bad for her, a Florida man calls cops to report a break-in by a robber who left behind cocaine, weed, and a bong, and a miniature horse services a Florida man, but is not a service animal.

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News Sources:

Florida Men arrested with pipe bombs, rocket launcher in White Supremacist drug sting

Florida woman takes her meth to the doctor because she thinks it might be bad for her

Florida Man says burglars broke into home, left him cocaine, pot

Florida man caught with his pants down in a pasture

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