E063 – Machete Mama, Swine Sauna, Fleeing Flaunter, and Parking Potshots

In Episode 63 of Florida Men: The Podcast, a Florida Woman channels her inner samurai, a Florida Couple try to bake a ham in their car, a Florida Man finds out that you shouldn’t taunt the cops you’re running from, and a Florida Woman isn’t happy to see you, and no, that isn’t a banana, either.

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:
  • Victoria Lynn Morley
  • Trinity Tavarez-Soto
  • Mark Gray
  • Valerie Branch-Galloway
  • Cody Cummins
  • Nicholas Carlmann Jones
  • Jasmine Cuyler
  • Solomon Stinson
  • Damian Dean Cantrell
News Sources:

Florida Woman Accused Of Wielding 2 Machetes, Threatening Bar Patrons With Them

Florida Couple Arrested At A Mall For Leaving Small Pig Inside Hot Car

Florida Woman Whipped Stepson With A Belt 30 Times For Tardiness

Florida man arrested for allegedly throwing corn cob at mom’s head

Florida Man Calls 911 And Brags About Running From Cops, Gets Caught

Florida Woman Caught Smuggling 9 Cell Phones Into Prison, In Her Underwear

Florida Man Exchanges Gunfire With Police Over A Parking Space

Florida Man Pours Salt In Walmart To Get Rid Of Evil Spirits Around Him

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July 13, 2019
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