E028 – Pipe Bombs, Meth Granny, Break-in, and Miniature Horse

In Episode 28 of Florida Men: The Podcast, a gang of drug trafficking white supremacists is busted with 100 illegal guns and pipe bombs, a Florida woman suspects that meth might be bad for her, a Florida man calls cops to report a break-in by a robber who left behind cocaine, weed, and a bong, and a miniature horse services a Florida man, but is not a service animal.

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News Sources:

Florida Men arrested with pipe bombs, rocket launcher in White Supremacist drug sting

Florida woman takes her meth to the doctor because she thinks it might be bad for her

Florida Man says burglars broke into home, left him cocaine, pot

Florida man caught with his pants down in a pasture

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E026 – Cookies, Kidneys, Barbells, and Botflies

In Episode 26 of Florida Men: The Podcast, four Florida women have very different experiences in medicine. One gets busted by the cops, one by her mom, one gets something removed that she didn’t want, and one gets something removed that she kinda needed.

News Sources:

Florida Woman caught red handed with cookie flavored green

Florida Man removes a perfectly functioning kidney

Florida Woman finds out her secret piercings show up in X-rays…in front of her mom

Florida Woman catches a bug on her honeymoon

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