E001 – Pilfering, Panties, Possums, and Poor Decisions

In Episode 1 of Florida Men: The Podcast, identity theft is not a high priority with a sticky-fingered janitor, What NOT to wear when you’re headed for jail, Call the sheriff and have him round up a possum, and this Friday in the ER…Florida Man vs Florida Man in a steel cage match!

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Andru Reed
  • Daryle Lee Campbell
  • Dagne “Dee” Kuiper
  • Jimmy McCray

News Sources:

Florida Man found with hard drives containing secret Florida taxpayer info was looking to download Xbox games

Florida Man Wore Novelty Undies While Driving Drunk

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Florida Woman Calls 911 on a Possum

Florida Man gets drunk, falls off bicycle, hits man at hospital with folding chair

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