E009 – Boom! Blam! Pow! Bang! –goes limp–

In Episode 9 of Florida Men: The Podcast, it was the 4th of July, so…Fireworks, and this is Florida, so that means Fireworks related injuries, if you forgot to buy fireworks, just shoot a gun into the air. what could go wrong?, and a Florida Man goes limp and finds out he enjoyed it.

This Episode’s Florida Men:

  • Ryan Dobard
  • Scott Deel
  • Rudolph Grant

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News Sources

Florida Man has to be told ‘drinking + holding a mortar tube = bad idea’

Florida Man suffers ‘partial amputation’ in fireworks blunder

Florida Man loses fingers, eyebrows, and hearing in “modified fireworks” mishap

Florida man hit by celebratory gunfire during Fourth of July fireworks show

Florida Man chases woman with golf club, goes limp to resist arrest

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E008 – Pedophile, Python, Pulled Pork, and Parkour

In Episode 8 of Florida Men: The Podcast, An Elvis impersonator is singing Jailhouse Rock, a Florida Man steals a lunch from his old house, Another Florida Man steals a lunch from a python, and send the cops, I’m nekkid on my roof!

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Paul Amato
  • Mike Kimmel
  • Alex Sardinas
  • Garyan D. George
  • Ashley L. Coston

News Sources:

Florida Man shows up in Elvis costume to meet 13-year-old for sex

Florida Man Saves Alligator from 10-Foot Python’s Deadly Grip in the Everglades

Florida Man breaks into former residence, threatens to kill occupants, and steals pulled pork sandwich

Florida Man sent scurrying to roof by armed home invaders

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E007 – Nutshot, Monkey, Carjacking, and Drug Test

In Episode 7 of Florida Men: The Podcast, we shoot Air Conditioner thieves here, I’m comin’ at you like a spider monkey…wearing a diaper, A carjacker brings a knife to a gunfight…twice., and Sure we’ll test that meth for you. Bring it on down to the station.

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Kimberly Dunn
  • Tina Ballard
  • Christopher Raymond Hill
  • Douglas Peter Kelly

News Sources:

Florida Woman shoots husband in testicles after he tries to take her air conditioner

Florida Woman Bloodied After She’s Attacked by Spider Monkey in Home Depot

Florida Man Attempts Carjacking and Victim Deters Him with A Gun. Twice.

Florida Man Requests Test of Meth, Gets an Arrest

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E006 – 5 Turtles, 4 Tortoises, 3 Aliases, 2 Monkeys, and a Racist

In Episode 6 of Florida Men: The Podcast, an Uber driver is fired for having the same name as a criminal, and you thought YOUR neighbor’s apartment was a zoo, don’t mess with the person making your drinks, and get that monkey off your back.

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Jose Batista
  • Sedrick T. Price
  • George Alexander
  • Cody Hession

News Sources:

Florida Man Spends Week In Jail Before Prosecutors Admit They Had The Wrong Guy

Florida man tries to start his own zoo with stolen animals

Florida Man harasses flight attendant with racial slur and fat shaming

Florida man trying to flee arrested with monkey in diaper clutching his shirt

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E005 – Drowning, Assault, Suicide, and Attempted Murder

In Episode 5 of Florida Men: The Podcast, another drowning possum, don’t drink all of Florida Man’s Sweet Tea, If only there were some way to know where a train is going, and don’t talk to me like that, mister!

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Dewie Brewton
  • Kerry Knudsen
  • Lawanda Brown

News Sources:

Florida man drowns raccoons and an opossum in front of high school ag class

Florida man arrested on child abuse charge after victim ate ‘all the Cheez-Its’

Florida Man killed by train while walking on tracks

Florida Man shot in head by wife who didn’t like his tone of voice

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E004 – Clown, Crook, Shark, and Dolphin

In Episode 4 of Florida Men: The Podcast, send in the clowns!, Another nearly naked late night driver, a sour lemon shark, and not too incognito, was he?

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Nicolas Duran
  • Richie Incognito
  • Some Clown

News Sources:

Florida Man wearing clown mask attacks pizza guy and is shot to death

Florida Man entered a motel, stripped naked and stole a 1963 car

Florida Man catches shark, releases it, and gets bit anyway

Florida Man flips out during workout

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E003 – Gator, Dater, Growler, and Crawler

In Episode 3 of Florida Men: The Podcast, gator in the hole, Love is an excessive thing, prom is GRRRRRREAT, and a Florida Woman on the run…er…hop?

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Joshua James
  • Jacqueline Ades
  • David Pugh
  • John Robert Carr, Jr.

News Sources:

Florida man charged with throwing alligator into Wendy’s

Florida woman sends 65 thousand texts to Tinder date gone wrong

Florida man causes uproar at a high school prom with a live tiger

Florida man arrested while trying to hide legless fugitive girlfriend in plastic bin

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E002 – Pills, Paddleboards, Prosthetics, and Police Dogs

In Episode 2 of Florida Men: The Podcast, Heroin might make you sleepy, but you can still throw a punch, half a million dollars in child support? I’m just gonna paddle off into the sunset, a Florida Woman takes a Southwest Airlines flight to Belize but comes up a foot short, and just how bad do you smell if the police dog can find you submerged in a swamp?

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Constantine George Theoharis
  • Margaret Crawford
  • Paul Daniel Smith

News Sources:

Florida Man Revived with Narcan, punches cop in the face


Florida man who owed $549,000 in child support disappears on paddleboard


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Florida Woman says Southwest lost her mom’s prosthetic foot for weeks


Florida man hides in swamp after a high-speed police chase.


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E001 – Pilfering, Panties, Possums, and Poor Decisions

In Episode 1 of Florida Men: The Podcast, identity theft is not a high priority with a sticky-fingered janitor, What NOT to wear when you’re headed for jail, Call the sheriff and have him round up a possum, and this Friday in the ER…Florida Man vs Florida Man in a steel cage match!

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Andru Reed
  • Daryle Lee Campbell
  • Dagne “Dee” Kuiper
  • Jimmy McCray

News Sources:

Florida Man found with hard drives containing secret Florida taxpayer info was looking to download Xbox games

Florida Man Wore Novelty Undies While Driving Drunk

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Florida Woman Calls 911 on a Possum

Florida Man gets drunk, falls off bicycle, hits man at hospital with folding chair

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