E014 – Crash, Crack, Zap, and Splash

In Episode 14 of Florida Men: The Podcast, a Florida Man plays bumper cars with the real thing, just because it’s CALLED a crack pipe, doesn’t mean that’s where you keep it, oh what a feeling when I’m dancing on the ceiling, and 7-Eleven has to deal with some really shitty customers.

News Sources

Florida man accused of causing separate hit-and-run crashes minutes apart

Florida Woman arrested at Walmart, then hid a crack pipe and drugs in her vagina

Florida man shocked while attempting parkour on power pole

Florida Man dumps bucket of human waste inside 7-Eleven after being kicked out

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E013 – Gunfire, Identity Theft, Beer Run, and Ice Cream

In Episode 13 of Florida Men: The Podcast, gunshots rang out like a bell, grabbed my nine all I heard was shells, tell me why ain’t nothin’ but a mistake, B double E double R. U. N. with a G.A.T.O.R., and I’m your ice cream man, stop me when I’m passing by.

News Sources

Florida Man arrested after firing shots out of his car’s sunroof on a Clearwater bridge

Florida Man Stole IDs of a Miami Dolphin, a Tennis Pro and a Backstreet Boy

Florida Man Wielding Live Gator Chases People in Convenience Store

Florida Man Caught Trying to Steal Ice Cream Truck

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E012 – Runner, Huffer, Duper, and Wanker

In Episode 12 of Florida Men: The Podcast, stand up and face the organ grinder music, looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue, the lady at the glory hole had a five-o clock shadow, and If I can’t masturbate in front of the window, nobody can.

News Sources

FOLLOW-UP: Florida Woman Whose Monkey Bit Home Depot Worker in Custody After Fleeing State

Florida Man Caught Huffing at Walmart, had Seven Cans Around Him

Florida Man Posed as Housewife and Filmed Himself Having Sex With Men

Florida Man Sets Apartment Fire Because Manager Told Him To Stop Masturbating

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E011 – Tractor, Loophole, Stabber, and Minion

In Episode 11 of Florida Men: The Podcast, A property line dispute results in a tractor attack, you’re not drinking & driving if you drink at the stoplights, He’s not going to stab me, he ain’t got no arms…OW! He stabbed me!, and no matter how annoying those minions are, you can’t beat them up.

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News Sources

Florida Man Attacks Neighbor with Tractor

Florida Man Thinks He Found a Loophole in DUI Laws

Florida Man Without Arms Stabs Tourist

Florida Man Attacks Florida Man Wearing Minion Costume

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