E053 – Gator Wrestler, Mattress Stabbers, Inky Groper, and Tractor Stalker

In Episode 53 of Florida Men: The Podcast, Florida Man tries to throw a 7-foot gator out of his backyard, Florida Man thinks his girlfriend is hiding someone in their bedroom, Florida Man tries to dip his fingers in the sheriff’s office ink but is caught red handed, and Florida Man is so busy breaking into stores that he needs to hire an assistant.

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:
    • Ed Chapman
    • Felipe Oquendo
    • Amber L. Grace
    • Jack Dylan Evans
    • Danny Lee Stewart
    • George Zimmerman
News Sources:

Florida Man, 80, Wrangles Gator In Backyard Before Calling Cops

A Florida Man Stabbed His Mattress With His Bedpost. Cops Say Meth May Have Been Involved.

Florida Woman Slapped Man and Stabbed the Bed He Was Laying In to ‘Shock’ Him

Florida Man Gropes Fingerprint Technician While Being Booked For Disorderly Conduct

Florida Man tries to keep his wife from leaving him, with a tractor

Florida Man Breaks Into Office, Leaves Sign In Window Saying ‘Secretary Wanted, $17/Hour’

Patreon Exclusive Story: Tinder Bans George Zimmerman From Dating App, Citing User Safety

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E036 – Three Hungry Criminals and a Hide & Seek Loser

In Episode 36 of Florida Men: The Podcast, a Florida Man eats a cop’s car, a Florida Woman eats a cop’s dinner, another Florida Woman beats her parents because they won’t take her to dinner, and a Florida Man loses a game of hide & seek with deputies.

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News Sources:

Florida Man chews up police car after arrest

Florida Woman Breaks Into Police Station, Eats Officer’s Food, Is Arrested After Leaving ID Behind

Florida woman attacks parents after they refuse to take her to Outback

Florida Man arrested after failing to convince deputies he wasn’t home

Florida Men Regional Championship Brackets (No Spoilers):

Florida Men Regional Championship Brackets (With Results):

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