E027 – Hole, Catfight, Nightcrawlers, and Dildos

In Episode 27 of Florida Men: The Podcast, a Florida man regrets that Lassie died 50 years ago, a Florida mom shows what happens if she doesn’t have her coffee, a Florida man has an impromptu bongo concert, and a Florida man Tells the New England Patriots to go f*** themselves, and gives them the tools to do so. PLUS we are joined by our favorite listener, Heather.

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News Sources:

Florida man gets stuck after climbing down 30-foot well ‘for bragging rights’

Florida Moms brawl at school bus stop

Naked Florida man revealed on video sneaking into restaurant and munching on ramen

Florida man arrested for throwing adult toy on field during Bills game

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E026 – Cookies, Kidneys, Barbells, and Botflies

In Episode 26 of Florida Men: The Podcast, four Florida women have very different experiences in medicine. One gets busted by the cops, one by her mom, one gets something removed that she didn’t want, and one gets something removed that she kinda needed.

News Sources:

Florida Woman caught red handed with cookie flavored green

Florida Man removes a perfectly functioning kidney

Florida Woman finds out her secret piercings show up in X-rays…in front of her mom

Florida Woman catches a bug on her honeymoon

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E025 – Shopper, Dropper, Drowner, and Driver

In Episode 25 of Florida Men: The Podcast, A Florida Woman is on edge from the MAGA Bomber, a Florida Man takes a dump in the middle of the road, a chihuahua fails its swimming lesson, and Jimmy John’s delivers to a hospital.

News Sources:

Florida Woman Forgets She Ordered Something From Etsy and Ignites a Bomb Scare

Florida Man Dumped 70 Gallons of Human Waste on the Road

Florida Man Is Arrested For Drowning A Disabled Chihuahua

Florida Woman called a Jimmy John’s by mistake to get her brother to a hospital. They delivered.

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E024 – Halloween 2018 with Key West’s Robert Eugene Otto and Thomas Rowe from the Hotel Don CeSar

In Episode 24 of Florida Men: The Podcast, it’s almost Halloween, so we have some Florida Man stories from the spooky side of the sunshine state, like a haunted doll in Key West, a haunted hotel in St Petersburg, and a safety warning from police departments around the state.

News Sources:

Florida Man Robert Eugene Otto

Florida Man Thomas Rowe

Florida Police Departments Issue a Warning for Halloween Harrassers

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