E033 – Burger John, McWeed, Alien Archer, and Cannibal

In Episode 33 of Florida Men: The Podcast, a Florida Man seeks alternate payment arrangements with a sex worker, another Florida Man seeks alternate payment arrangements at McDonald’s, a naked Florida Man hiding from aliens takes a bullet, and a Florida Cannibal breaks into his neighbor’s house and refuses to leave.

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News Sources:


Florida man offered to pay for oral sex from undercover officer with hamburger

Florida man tries to trade pot for munchies at McDonald’s drive-thru

Naked Florida man armed with crossbow claimed aliens were after him

Florida man breaks into neighbor’s home while his is on fire


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E023 – Tripper, Shooter, Swallower, and Amputee with Lauren and Ken from Paradise After Dark

In Episode 23 of Florida Men: The Podcast, Lauren and Ken from Paradise After Dark join the Florida Men, where a Florida Woman trips and her husband isn’t too happy about it, a Florida Man refuses a shot, then GETS shot, a Florida woman tries to swallow to get out of an arrest, and Joel had to throw in another amputee story.


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News Sources:

Florida Woman carrying a feces covered dog in one hand and a knife in the other trips and stabs her husband to death

Florida Man shot after refusing shot from Florida Man at Ocoee bar

Florida Woman chews and swallows crack pipe during arrest

Florida Man sues the Miami Dolphins after his toe was accidentally amputated during a game


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