E066 – Listener Quickie: Sweaty Sodas

In Episode 66 of Florida Men: The Podcast, Joel and Phil get a quickie from a listener. No, it’s not a Florida Man, but it might as well be. Thanks to Thomas for the story submission!

News Sources:

Suspected Walmart Thief Hid In Trunk, Covered Herself In Mountain Dew

We will be at the True Crime Podcast Festival 
July 13, 2019
Marriott Magnificent Mile, Downtown Chicago, IL, USA
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E031 – Pippen, Pyro, Panties, and Plunderer

In Episode 31 of Florida Men: The Podcast, a Florida comedian takes a Bull by the horns, a Florida man’s website is the bomb, a Florida woman gives her UberEats customer something extra with his order, and a Florida man is the worst shoplifter ever.

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News Sources:

Florida Woman Sued by Scottie Pippen for Trashing a Rental Property

Florida Man Stockpiled Nearly Four Tons of Explosives

Florida Woman Gives Tourist ‘Disgusting’ Delivery After Ordering from UberEats

Florida Man Arrested for Shoplifting After Job Interview at Kohl’s

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