Florida Men: The Podcast – Season 2 Trailer


Tales from the shady side of the Sunshine State. Every week we share stories about America’s most prolific criminal: Florida Man.

Part true crime, part comedy, all weird. This show is about the kind of shtuff that only happens in the state where everybody is crazy from the heat. 

Based in Fort Myers, Florida, Joel and Phil are longtime residents of Florida, and have personally encountered many a Florida Man.


Originally from Michigan, Joel has been a Florida Man since 1994. He does all the editing for the podcast and most of the social media posts. He also writes about himself in the third person.


Phil grew up in Mississippi, and arrived in Florida in 2012. He is the musician,  recording gear expert, and engineer for the show. He is totally not afraid of clowns.


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The Ballad of Florida Man was written and performed by The Florida Men and is used with permission.

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E023 – Tripper, Shooter, Swallower, and Amputee with Lauren and Ken from Paradise After Dark

In Episode 23 of Florida Men: The Podcast, Lauren and Ken from Paradise After Dark join the Florida Men, where a Florida Woman trips and her husband isn’t too happy about it, a Florida Man refuses a shot, then GETS shot, a Florida woman tries to swallow to get out of an arrest, and Joel had to throw in another amputee story.

Listen to Paradise After Dark on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get our show. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Rachel Fidanian
  • Lathon Jeen Yee
  • Dariel Hutton
  • Jean Michaud

News Sources:

Florida Woman carrying a feces covered dog in one hand and a knife in the other trips and stabs her husband to death

Florida Man shot after refusing shot from Florida Man at Ocoee bar

Florida Woman chews and swallows crack pipe during arrest

Florida Man sues the Miami Dolphins after his toe was accidentally amputated during a game

Listen to I Got The Hell Out on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get our show.

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E022 – Robber, Knobber, Shopper, and Tractor

In Episode 22 of Florida Men: The Podcast, a Florida Man sets a record for repeat offending, a Florida Man gets some extra credit from a professor, a Florida Man tries to buy something at Walmart that wasn’t for sale, and a Florida Man can’t make a quick getaway on a tractor.

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • James Farmer
  • Dr. Mark Tumeo
  • Hellmuth Kolb
  • Charles Nicholas McNeil

News Sources:

Florida Man bonds out of jail, steals wallet from jail lobby before leaving

Florida Man resigns as dean after reported sex act on UNF campus

Florida Man attempts to buy 8-year-old girl for $200,000 at Walmart

Florida Man steals tractor, gets tasered

Listen to Great Lakes True Crime on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get our show.

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E021 – Peeper, Pooper, Pedo, and Penectomy

In Episode 21 of Florida Men: The Podcast, a peeping tom gets caught in a Florida high school, a pooping bartender throws a beer at a customer, a Florida woman gets knocked up by her husband’s 15 year old relative, and a Florida Man goes all Lorena Bobbit on his ex’s new boyfriend.

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Mark Ackett
  • Nicole Swindle
  • Shadow Nicole Lantry
  • Justin Foster

News Sources:

Florida Man hides camera in high school changing room

Florida Woman throws beer mug at customer who complained about how long she spent in the bathroom

Florida Woman arrested after she admitted to affair with teen relative on ‘Divorce Court'”

Florida man cut off genitals from a romantic rival

Listen to The Hidden Staircase on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get our show.

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E020 – Nudist, Zoophile, Chauffeur, and Squatter

In Episode 20 of Florida Men: The Podcast, a Florida Man does yardwork au naturel, an animal shelter worker is a real dog lover, a dad drives his son and his girlfriend to makeout point, and a squatter gets entrepreneurial.

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Eric Antunes
  • Laurence Mitchell
  • Angela Sloan

News Sources:

Florida Man Who Does Yard Work in the Nude Upsets Neighbors

Florida Man Won’t Be Charged in Bestialty Case

Florida Man Drove Teens To Park For Sex

Florida Woman Squatted in Home and Sold the Owners’ Cars

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E019.5 – Clips Chapter: Clown, Cheez-its, Crackpipe, and Capuchin

We are changing up our release schedule this week, so to hold you over through the weekend we are bringing back these stories you may have missed the first time.

News Sources:

From Episode 004:
Florida man wearing clown mask attacks pizza guy and is shot to death

From Episode 005:
Florida man arrested on child abuse charge after victim ate ‘all the Cheez-Its’

From Episode 014:
Florida Woman arrested at Walmart, then hid a crack pipe and drugs in her vagina

From Episode 006:
Florida man trying to flee arrested with monkey in diaper clutching his shirt

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E019 – Axe, Coke, Skull, and Algae

In Episode 19 of Florida Men: The Podcast, a Florida Woman does not take a breakup very well, a Florida Woman is a real cokehead, a Florida Man recites hamlet in a Publix parking lot, and a Florida Man splits then swallows.

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Jeanette Suarez
  • Rose Mae Dawson
  • Abraham Duarte

News Sources:

Florida Woman Swings an Ax at Girlfriend Trying to Break Up With Her https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/florida-keys/article217865260.html

Florida Woman Has Pot in Her Car and Cocaine in Her Wig http://thesmokinggun.com/buster/burglary/literal-cokehead-collared-375902

Florida Man Finds Body In Woods, Brings Skull to Publix, And Talks to It

Florida Man Gets Caught in Algae-Filled Canal While Escaping Cops

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E018 – Purple Nurple, Wet Willy, Swirly, and Flart

In Episode 18 of Florida Men: The Podcast, a Florida Man pays for a purple nurple, a Florida Man learns which of his girlfriend’s holes is off limits, a Florida Woman comes under fire for her parenting techniques, and a Florida Man is fired for his artistic expression.

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Devarus Robinson
  • Joseph Sirecky
  • Kaitlyn Wolf
  • Paul Flart

News Sources:

Florida Man Sued for Giving Student a “Purple Nurple”

Florida Man Arrested for Giving Girlfriend a “Wet Willy”

Florida Woman Investigated for Giving Son a “Swirly”

Florida Man Fired for Farting On the Job (and Posting Videos of it on Instagram)

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E017 – Fire, Water, Burn, and Dealing

In Episode 17 of Florida Men: The Podcast, a Florida Man burns his trash panda, a Florida Woman’s bath is interrupted by a reptile, Another Florida Woman says, “We don’t need no water let the motherfucker burn”, a drive thru window leads to a drug dealing couple.

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Ezra Lee James
  • Felicitie Gillette
  • Brandy Currigan
  • William Parrish Jr.
  • McKenzee Dobbs

News Sources

Florida Man Accused of Setting Raccoon on Fire

Florida Woman Attacked by An Alligator While Taking A Bath

Florida Woman Sets Fire to House After Leaving Her Husband

Florida Couple Sold Drugs From a Drive Thru Window…In Their House

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E016 – Chicken, Waffles, Spider and Cruiser

In Episode 16 of Florida Men: The Podcast, a Florida Man just wanted some chicken, another Florida Man just wanted some waffles, a Florida Woman was seeing some stranger things, and another Florida Woman doesn’t want to miss the boat.

This Episode’s Florida Men and Women:

  • Antonio Stevens
  • Cullen Roe
  • Danielle Teeples
  • Kathleen Mary Niesen

News Sources:

Florida Man tries to force KFC employee to reopen restaurant at gunpoint.

Florida Man accused of stabbing roommate, went to Waffle House then called 911.

Florida Woman high on meth ran around naked in park because she believed a giant spider was on her.

Florida Woman free on bond after golf cart DUI asks judge for permission to take cruise.

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