E040 – Bomb Squad, TSA, Commissioner Licker, and Mariticide

In Episode 40 of Florida Men: The Podcast, a Florida Man thinks he doesn’t need the bomb squad, a Florida Woman cuts in line at the Orlando airport, a Florida Woman’s political career is licked, and a Florida Man predicts his own death.

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News Sources:

Florida Man Finds Pipe Bomb, Cuts It In Half, THEN Calls Police.

Florida Woman Wielding Knife Shoves Her Way Past TSA, Yells ‘I Know My Rights’

Florida Woman Allegedly Made A Habit Of Licking Men’s Faces. She Has Now Resigned As City Commissioner

Florida Man Said He Should Hide Knives From Wife — Then She Stabbed Him To Death

Florida Men Regional Championship Brackets (No Spoilers):

Florida Men Regional Championship Brackets (With Results):

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